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Don't loose your orienteering skills during the lockdown. Take the chance to be a winner of the Catching Features World Cup 2020 !

First place = 1 pair of shoes from NVii Sport
2nd place = 1 compass from str8
3rd place = 1 T-Shirt from noname
Enjoy and have fun !
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In this complicated period, it is on most places not possible to run orienteering competitions or even train orienteering. However, it’s possible to play “Catching Features“, an orienteering game simulation in a 3D environment.

We want to bring together as many orienteers as possible despite the lockdown due to the current health crisis. The only way to do that is in front of our computer and therefore we have decided to revive Catching Features in the best possible way by offering you the chance to participate at Catching Features World Cup 2020!

The CF World Cup consists of 20 high-quality races on technically and demanding maps around the world, which we have hand-picked and converted to the game environment. We encourage you to take part in this competition and train your orienteering skills with mouse in hand.

All races will be uploaded to the Catching Features server. There will be two new races each week. You can find them under “Competitions” when you start your copy of the game. Dont forget to log in with your username and password. They will be named [CFWC2020]-E1, for the first race, until [CFWC2020]-E20 for the final race.

The Catching Features World Cup overall ranking will determine the best single player!

Apart from that, there will also be a “best online club” ranking, so you will also compete for your orienteering club. Clubs will be in the ranking with only one player, but up to 6 players score, so make sure to gather your club together!

On top of that, all new Catching Features players in 2020 will, except for getting ranked in the normal standings, also be ranked in a Newcomer ranking. You will compete here if you first played the game in the year 2020!

The purpose of this competition is to fulfil our needs to compete with each other also in this difficult time. We hope it will keep your motivation high and help your orienteering skills to stay sharp during this difficult 2020.

Take this chance as an opportunity to work on your weaknesses as an orienteer and who knows, maybe you will come back with a stronger orienteering technique when the orienteering season of 2020 finally starts.

We wish you all a good competition and may the best one win 😉

color & OBT

Don’t forget to train, so that you will be in top CF-shape when the CF-World Cup starts!



Thierry Gueorgiou

One of the best orienteer of all time, with 14 gold medals at WOC

Thierry Gueorgiou used Catching Features during his career to train orienteering. He has some words to share with us ahead of Catching Features World Cup 2020:

“Well, during my elite career, except during post season vacations, I don’t think I have been staying more than 3 days without doing orienteering. So yeah, all the long-term injuries I had to face during my career (3 stress-fractures), I got quickly stressed and reinstalled right away Catching Features in my computer.

It is really hard to evaluate how much it contributed to my development as an orienteer, but when I was injured and couldn’t run anymore, I played about 1 to 3 hours/day. There were lot of sequences I could related to the reality.

Actually, I realized it (note: he talks about how he discovered Catching Features) when the Catching Features World Series (if I remember the name right) were organized more than 10 years ago by the magazine orienteering today. It was using the courses of the WOC middle distance from 2003, 2004 and 2005, which I also ran in reality. It was kind of an unique experience as I never had the chance to go back to those terrains in real life. I got really amazed when I was playing how I could recall everything from those races and how real it felt.

So yeah, by then, I realized it was not just playing, but truly something which was helpful for my development.

The last time I remembered using it a lot was before the WOC 2014, when the old map of the long distance (Glen Affric) was converted. Once again, not sure how it helped me during the race, but felt quite comfortable in the last part of the race there, felt like a déjà-vu!”

Thank you for your message Thierry! And we wish you the best with the Swedish orienteering team and your little fan club 😉


From April 11th to July 6th, 2020 | One round every week

CF World CUP – ROUND 1 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance


Terrain description :

Typical finnish barerock map. Nice open and detailed barerock hills with many knolls and cliffs mix with dense and green or wet areas in between.

CF World CUP – ROUND 2 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance

Surebridge Mountain

Terrain description :

Famous terrain from WOC 1993 in USA. This terrain has a lot of details and big features with some green and rocky areas which make intense and fast orienteering. You will not get bored while playing on this map !

CF World CUP – ROUND 3 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance


Terrain description :

Hilly terrain found in Leksand in the Dalarna area of Sweden. Partly almost no paths. Detailed hills on top and a big slope. Good visability on the whole map despite the really dark green areas. Quite a few light green areas on the hillslopes, wich mainly reduce the visibility.

CF World CUP – ROUND 4 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance

Surebridge Mountain

Terrain description :

We come back here for more fun. smile Famous terrain from WOC 1993 in USA. This terrain has a lot of details and big features with some green and rocky areas which make intense and fast orienteering. This part of the map is mostly flat with a lot of navigation

CF World CUP – ROUND 5 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance

Escandorgue Nord

Terrain description :

Very famous map from the area of Larzac in France. This part of the terrain in very detailed with lots of big stones and small relief. Some open areas, but mostly in the forest. Very tricky terrain so be careful !

CF World CUP – ROUND 6 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance


Terrain description :

Rough map from Norway. Open white forest areas mixed with green areas. If you try to just head straight on, the cliffs might stop you. Add to that quite many paths and you will get route choice legs.

CF World CUP – ROUND 7 :

1 night middle distance

1 long distance


Terrain description :

Open and partly very detailed map from Greenland. Countless stones and small cliffs make the terrain very technical. Steeper areas should also lead to some routechoices

CF World CUP – ROUND 8 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance

La Combe Froide

Terrain description :

Map from the French Jura. Very typical jurassic terrain with some grean areas with reduced visibility. There are quite many steep slope wich could lead to lots of route choices.

CF World CUP – ROUND 9 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance

Aspeå Ava

Terrain description :

The map from North-Sweden contains a lot of very detailed and quite open barerock areas. In between are denser forest areas, where you should not lose direction. Inside the control circle you have to make sure to check behind the correct stone or in the correct re-entrant, so you dont lose time. 

CF World CUP – ROUND 10 :

1 middle distance

1 long distance

Escandorgue Sud

Terrain description :

Very famous map from France, once again in the area of Larzac. This part of the terrain in very detailed with lots of big stones and small relief. Some open areas, but mostly forest orienteering. Very tricky terrain so be careful !


Orienteering game for computers (windows only)

CF WC 2020 will take place in the computer game Catching Features. You need to be able to play “competition”-mode. We are not responsible for you having a working version of the game. Make sure to buy your version of the game in time following this link
*special offer, use promo code “CFWC2020” when you buy the game. So it only costs ~26 Euro/US Dollar instead of 43!*


The 2020 World Cup will consist of 20 individual competitions on 10 different maps, where every map has two races in a row. Each person is only allowed to run each competition once, with one account only (there will be verifications with IP adress). First run counts for the World Cup scoring.

Competitions will be uploaded with the prefix “[CFWC2020]”, followed by an “E” and the number of the race. -> i.e. [CFWC2020]-E1

Each competition will be open to play for 16 days from the time the competition will be uploaded. You can see on the Catching Features webpage (LINK) how long time a competition still can be played and wich ones are open. After your first run, you are able to do reruns, but they will not count as a result for the World Cup. After the end of the 16-day period, nobody will be able to do a first run anymore.

There is no given order you have to compete on the maps, but it is recommended to follow the rule: “first uploaded, first played”.


Duration of the World Cup 2020

The World Cup will take place in April until the end of June 2020. The first competition will be uploaded at the 11th of april 2020. The plan is to upload a new map with two competitions every week on saturday. After publishing a new competition you have 16 days to play that competition.



The first three in the individual World Cup 2020 overall standings will win:


  • 1st place: one pair of NVii Forest 1 sponsored by NVii
  • 2nd placea str8 compass sponsored by str8
  • 3rd placea noname running t-shirt sponsored by noname

As bonus, everybody can use the promo code to buy articles 20% cheaper on the webstore of these three companies during Catching Features World Cup 2020. Make sure to check it out HERE


Scoring System

There will be three competitions insid the World Cup 2020. The individual World Cup 2020 is to determine the best individual player. There is a club ranking, where up to 6 players can score for the same club. Also there will be a Newcomer ranking. Read more about it below

Scoring for individual World Cup 2020 (other rankings below)

For all CF WC 2020 competitions points are awarded as shown below:

1st place = 100 points

2nd place = 87 points

3rd place = 75 points

4th place = 65 points

5th place = 57 points

6th place = 52 points

7th place = 48 points

8th place = 45 points

9th place = 42 points

For places 10 – 50, points = (50 – placing +1)

i.e. 10th place = 41 points, 11th place = 40 points, etc.

until 50th place = 1 point

In the case of a tie, the tied runners each receive the same points as if they had each been placed in the highest of the tied positions. Runners who are not placed receive no points.

The overall ranking is decided as the sum of each individual race, where each competitors drops their two worst results. Competitors will hence drop the results of different races.

Example: Points for runner “xyz”: (40,52,75,3,8,100,12,6,5,15,25,27,42,45,75,23,17,18,0,100) = 688 points

The maximum points of CF WC 2020 individual ranking therefore are: 1800 points

Check your points and overall ranking here

Scoring for “best online club”:

For each race a maximum of 6 players for each club (make sure you have exactly the same team name in Catching Features!) can collect points:

% of the winner of that race = points of a runner

Sum of those points gained equals the team points.

If a club doesn’t consist of 6 runners, the missing runners scores “0” points, but the club remains in the ranking.

Thus, “more players -> more points”

i.e. player A,B,C,D,E,F,…. run for «IFK Göteborg» and they collect points each race.

IFK Göteborg ((98(A),94(B),75(C),67(D),23(E),1(F)) = 358 Total points

The overall ranking will be the sum of points gained in each of the 20 races:

i.e. IFK Göteborg(358,364,278,….,450)

Check the club overall ranking here


Scoring for “best Newcomer in Catching Features”

If you are brand new to the game in the year 2020 you will, except for getting ranked in the normal standings, also be included in a separate standing for newcomers. In that way you can compare yourself with other newcomers.

You can gain points for the ranking in each race by the following rule:

% of the winner of that race = points of a runner

Sum of those points gained on all 20 races equals the overall ranking for Newcomers.

i.e. Runner A = (3,2,0,10,14,16,2,3,4,9,12,1,3,4,10,9,8,12,13,2)= 137 Points

Check the newcomer overall ranking here

Please notify us if you are in this ranking by mistake.


Game Server

To be able to upload your result to the competition server you need a working internet connection. Don’t worry, it happens automatically when you finish each competition race. We are in no way responsible for problems appearing regarding the servers of Catching Features or similar. If any problems appear during the upload of competition results you should contact the official Catching Features channels since we have no influence on it. If bigger server issues appear, we will contact the owner and manage for a fair solution.


Winning conditions

To be able to win prizes we must be able to contact you. Easiest solution is, that you make it possible for us to see your e-mail adress connected to your Catching Features profile. If you do so, we can see on your e-mail address at the Catching Features website and can contact you directly via e-mail. Else you have to prove us in some way that you are the owner of a prize winner account. In the case of winning a prize and accepting it, you agree that we can publish your name and what you won on our and our sponsors web channels.


Fair Play

As you know, orienteering is a sport where it’s not impossible to cheat in some way. Please follow the Fair Play rules! We have the right to disqualify a suspicious account without further investigations. As a competitor, you have the possibility to place a complaint if you notice anything suspicious.


[OFFICIAL] Individual overall standings HERE

[UNOFFICIAL] Individual overall standings (percentage) HERE

Club standings HERE

Newcomer standings HERE




Tip 1: The maps used for CFWC2020 will be quite big. Therefore, make sure to know how to zoom and move your map. It will for sure be required to do so on some longer route choice legs. This can be found under “Options” in Catching Features. You will need to change the tab from “visuals” to “input”. Now you can see and change all your inputs to the game.


Tip 2: Take a look how a Catching Features-competition works in beforehand by checking out another competition. By doing so you get familiar on how the game works and how everything will look.


Tip 3: There is an option to only highlight the next few legs, which can be found as last point under “Options” when you start your game or pause your game while playing on a map. This can help to not get confused about the course and which control you are on your way to. The possibility to cut lines and move or cut control circles is not available while creating courses for Catching Features.


Tip 4: You can find a lot of older maps on this page. Make sure to follow the instructions given on the webpage to be able to play on these nice older maps. Who knows, maybe one of these will even be reused at CFWC2020


Tip 5: Play as much as you can in multiplayer mode. It is the best way to improve your skills and compare with other players in real time. It’s a good opportunity to talk with other players and get new experiences, such as the pressure of mass-starts. We encourage you to train in this way together with as many other players as you can. The more you play and train, the more you increase your chances to win a race!


Tip 6: If you have an old computer and its always lagging a bit while playing, try to lower your texture settings. It might help. To do so you once again go to your game options wich you can find when you start up your game or if you pause the game while playing. You can choose between high, medium and low. We recommend you try to run with high texture setting. Since you will have a nicer experience. 


Tip 7 : There are two different modes to play the game: first person or 3rd person. Both modes are used by good players. There are benefits for each of the two. Just try what suits you better and stick with that one. Once again you can find this setting in your options menu

Tip 8: You can see a control description on top left of your screen while you look or glance at your map. Try to get used to look at it while playing, so you know wich feature you are looking for


Tip 9: There are two ways to look at the map. If you only tip your “map viewing”-key for a very short time your player will stop and your map will be still. But you might want to keep on running while looking at the map. You can do so if you press a longer time at the same “map viewing”-key. After releasing the button the map will dissappear out of your vision again. The disadvantage of looking at the map while running is that your map will be shaking a bit.



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